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Lobbying & Advocacy

 As a watchdog, the CCZ represents consumers by influencing government to enact laws that protect them, thus creating a platform for fair trading practices.

Contact our Business Development Office on: +263 24 2498441

Complaints Handling

The CCZ handles a diversity of complaints between consumers and service providers and by so doing acts as an arbitrator between disputing parties.

Contact our Lead Consumer Protection Officer on: +263 71 605 3290 or

+263 24 249 8441

Consumer Education

Consumer education is one of the core competencies of the CCZ. The organization therefore goes out to educate consumers on their rights and responsibilities.

Contact our Consumer Academy office to book training on : +263 242 498441


The CCZ carries out regular price surveys, which enable it to monitor price trends on basic commodities. From these findings, the family of six basket for a low-income urban earner is produced.