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If you have been treated unfairly by a supplier/service provider, we encourage the following general steps of action as an effective way to complain:

First, be clear of what the problem is then contact the company/seller where you had the problem. It would be good to have documentation (contracts, receipts etc) at hand. Stay calm and be assertive. Always keep records of conversations made. If you do not receive satisfaction, take the issue higher in the company. Contact any of our regional offices.

If still unresolved, you are welcome to lodge your complaint with us using this website or making contact with us directly.


  • Be clear of the problem then contact the supplier/service provider. Have any documentation at hand.
  • Take it to the top if unsatisfied.
  • Lodge a complaint with us if still unsatisfied.

Legal action can be very messy. It should be the last resort in all cases.

Complaint Submission
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