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Lobbying & Advocacy

The CCZ has successfully lobbied the government and other stakeholders in effecting and ensuring laws and practices that uphold basic principles of consumer protection hence the Consumer Protective Legislation that is in place. The CCZ has successfully clamored for the enactment of legislation such as:

  1. Consumer Protection Act – Cap14:44
  2. Consumer Contract Act – Cap 8:03
  3. Competition Act – Cap 14:28
  4. Class Action Act – Cap 8:17
  5. Small Claims Court Act – Cap 7:12
  6. National Incomes and Pricing Commission Act – Cap 14:32
  7. Patients Charter

As part of lobbying and advocacy, the CCZ is a member of various economic groups such as the Tripartite Negotiation Forum (TNF), Parliamentary Portfolio Committees on Economic Development, National Economic Consultative Forum (NECF) and a number of boards that have consumer interests. The CCZ successfully lobbied for Small Claims Courts and their decentralization from Harare and Bulawayo provinces to Mutare and hopefully in the coming years will be established in other provinces. The CCZ contributes to national policies by making submissions for consideration to the pre / post-National Budget and Fiscal Policy issues as part of the advocacy for consumer-friendly policies.

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