35 Rhodesville Road, Eastlea, Harare.  Email: info@ccz.org.zw  


The CCZ handles a diversity of complaints between consumers and suppliers of goods and services and by so doing acts as an arbitrator and/or mediator between disputing parties. CCZ assists consumers to get redress whenever they are prejudiced in commerce. In areas where it cannot help, the organization refers the cases to the Small Claims Court or lawyers or any such other places where consumers can be assisted. Some of the complaints the CCZ has received include the following:


  1. Substandard electrical gadgets (i.e. televisions, refrigerators, electric jugs etc)
  2. Substandard mobile phones handsets and faulty batteries
  3. Adulterated beverages especially alcoholic
  4. Unfulfilled contracts or Agreements
  5. Food stuffs – pie with a bandage