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About Us

Our Mission & Values
To be the leading organization in consumer protection by 2030

To ensure consumer protection through effective and efficient implementation of the Consumer Protection Act.

Core Values
PROFESSIONALISM: ” We are guided by professional ethics aimed at building an appropriate corporate culture and creating the right corporate image, driven by professional conduct in our dealings with internal and external stakeholders.”

INTEGRITY: ” Honest, transparent and responsible at all times in discharging our duties”

COMMITMENT: ” Attaining the highest standards in service delivery for all consumers”

IMPARTIALITY: Uphold the highest levels of impartiality in discharging our responsibilities in pursuit of our organizational mandate and goals by treating all consumers without any discrimination whatsoever.

TEAMWORK: Adopt a participatory approach and work together at all levels in the conduct of our business.

INNOVATION & CREATIVITY: We are a learning organization that embraces change and continuously enhances creativity and innovation in its business processes.

The Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) has scored many successes to date. CCZ has successfully lobbied for specific consumer legislation in Zimbabwe, such as:

  • Consumer Protection Act, 2019: Cap 14:44 – enforces total protection of consumer rights in Zimbabwe.
  • Small Claims Court Act, 1992: Cap 7:12- established for the adjudication of small civil claims.
  • Consumer Contracts Act, 1994: Cap 8:03 – was protecting consumers against unfair contracts and now repealed by the Consumer Protection Act Cap 14:44.
  • Competition Act, 1996: Cap 11:11- encourages and promotes fair competition in all sectors of the economy.
  • Class Action Act, Cap 8:17 – which makes provision for consumers to jointly seek legal redress. an act to provide for the institution and prosecution of legal proceedings by or on behalf of classes of persons.
  • Patients Charter- which seeks to create an environment of mutual understanding, participation and humane treatment of patients.